The New York Times and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre have just visited the men on Manus Island.

Click on the logos below to read/see what they’re reporting …


So when you see phrases like …

There is a medical emergency on Manus …
Men will die if they don’t get medical treatment, urgently …

Now is the time to act.

As Jana Favero of the ASRC urges: “Even if you have called the PM already, please can you call again and ask that they are evacuated now?

The prisoners of Manus have peacefully stood firm in their determination to have what they have lacked for years – their FREEDOM.
So those of us in our democratic society FREE to speak out without fear of recrimination can do that now … and actually make a difference.

Phone Malcolm Turnbull on 02 6277 7700


If you’ve never done something like this before, just follow these steps:

Please call now – even if you’ve already taken some action – and then spread the word as widely as you can.

In a democratic society, if we all speak out, the government not only has to listen, they have to ACT.

Thank you.

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