Behrouz Boochani ARRESTED

What future is there for free speech?

What faith can we have in peaceful protest?

Considering what this skilful and determined writer/journalist has been doing in recent days, those who know the law would probably credit him with educating, informing and advancing the cause of human rights. If those are criminal acts, what hope is there for our world?


To find out more on Behrouz Boochani‘s contribution, view his writing at:

All we want is freedom – not another prison camp

A merciless fear provoked by last night’s events has gripped the Manus Island camp

The breath of death on Manus Island: starvation and sickness

Manus is a landscape of surreal horror

The refugees are in a state of terror on Manus

Days before the forced closure of Manus, we have no safe place to go

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The Power of Words … and the reality behind them

Diary of a Disaster – by Behrouz Boochani

The Australian government is responsible despite what the Prime Minister might be saying. The most recent statement from the UNHCR has affirmed that in unequivocal remarks from Nai Jit Lam, UNHCR’s deputy regional representative in Canberra, during  a briefing to the UN Palais des Nations in Geneva from Manus Island:

“It is vital that Australia take responsibility and play an active role in achieving solutions for all the people Australia forcibly transferred to Papua New Guinea. …This is a man-made and entirely preventable humanitarian crisis. It is a damning indictment of a policy meant to avoid Australia’s international obligations.”

To speak out …

Contact Malcolm Turnbull via this link or on 02 6277 7700 and/or

Contact Peter Dutton via this link or on 02 6277 7860 and/or

Contact Your Local MP via this link

 Thank you

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