Attack on Manus Refugees – Day 2

No one can now say that force is not being used.

No one can dispute that violence is being inflicted on people on Manus Island and the REFUGEES are NOT responsible.

The men who refused to leave the RPC have shown resilience and restraint to maintain their PEACEFUL protest under extreme pressure, particularly when a significant number have serious mental health issues through past and ongoing trauma. And they were beaten and dragged from the decommissioned camp.


Operation Helpim Friends” began yesterday and the tactic of separating(and beating) Behrouz Boochani (his detailed personal account can be read here) so that others would move out failed.  Because …

These men are all leaders.
They all show the determination and conviction to stand up for human rights that so many of us could not find in ourselves after years of unfair treatment and suffering. They each have their own torrid journey to both motivate them and challenge them. And they have chosen to be motivated. AND they have chosen to be peaceful. They are an inspiration to human rights activists across the globe.

And for this, they are beaten and dragged to yet another place that is not a home. That is apart from their families and offers no chance to work or build a life. Another prison on an island where there is no place for them.

And all they wanted was a free life. To live and work in peace with their families in safety.
What has Australia done?

More details of the operation that ended the peaceful protest with force and intimidation can be found at The Guardian and Fairfax news reports here and here.

And to follow the impact on the refugees, the men themselves continue their efforts to inform the world of the human rights violations being perpetrated against them. Click on the links below to follow the Twitter feeds of:

Behrouz Boochani  

(e.g. video of PNG police trying to antagonise refugees on 23 Nov labelled “Manus prison camp yestetday about 11 Am“);
photo of refugees brought to East Lorengau were told there was no room for them and were left waiting outside more than 4hrs.

Abdul Aziz Adam

Walid Zazai

Ezatullah Kakar 

Samad Abdul

and others.

Please provide them with support in whatever way you can.

And please tell the Australian Government what THEY should be doing in OUR name to ensure the humanitarian support and aid they are legally obligated to provide under international law and the UN Refugee Convention.

Contact Malcolm Turnbull via this link and on 02 6277 7700 and

Contact Peter Dutton via this link and on 02 6277 7860 and

Contact Your Local MP via this link


Thank you.

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