Border protection policies HERE TO STAY – ABF/Dept Home Affairs

The Australian Border Force is a division of what is now called the Department of Home Affairs. In a democratic society where every member of the population has a vote and voice on how the country should be run, CAN we be TOLD by a government department that policies that many oppose WILL NEVER CHANGE?

Don’t we, the people have a say?

Having recently written to all Australian members of parliament regarding the abhorrent policies of mandatory detention and offshore process for asylum seekers, it was not a surprise to have the email that was sent to the office of Alan Tudge referred directly to an ABF staffer with responsibility for ministerial correspondence. It was however, somewhat jarring to be told in writing that the policies that, though following the deterrent approach of previous governments, have been made even more punitive by the current Australian government are “here to stay“.

Australian citizens may still have the right to disagree but this statement seems to indicate that the majority of the population have no power whatsoever to peacefully bring about change in laws and policies that they oppose … what does the say about the type of government we exist under?

Was the equal marriage plebiscite an anomaly?
Or the last opportunity for the Australian people to assert their values of fairness and equality on the legal and operational framework of our society?

If you’re concerned about the rights of the Australian people to not just be heard in a democratic society but to have your/their voices and values mean something to those who have been elected to represent them, the Prime Minister of Australia should provide answers.

Malcolm Turnbull … is Australia a democracy or not?
Email the Australian PM here      or    phone on 02 6277 7700

Does what all the 24,840,747 Australian people want count?
Or just what the current 224 Members of Parliament and Senators want?
Email here      or     ph: 02 6277 7700

OR perhaps the only wants that matter are those of one or two key individuals …
 email here      or     ph: 02 6277 7700


Or maybe now I’m not even allowed to write this post.


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