UPDATES reveal more about Australian government’s agenda

  • Cardiac patient flown from Nauru to Taiwan

  • Family on flight to Sri Lanka get last minute reprieve

Email Empathy‘  has noted the plights of just a few of the people seeking asylum in Australia as examples of widespread treatment by officials. These illustrate the unnecessary cruelty of the federal government’s policies. In the past couple of days, developments simply serve to underline that the only logic applied by the Department of Home Affairs and its Border Force seems to be to get rid of as many people who have sought refuge in Australia as possible … whatever the human toll and irrespective of the law.

On the Nauru Detention page, we included a situation where the Australian Border Force (ABF) refused to transfer an Iranian refugee from Nauru for urgent cardiac treatment despite repeated requests from health staff who had diagnosed her at “high and imminent risk of … heart attack or sudden death”. Fatemeh would not leave her young son alone on the island and the ABF would not allow him to travel with her.  Yesterday, the Guardian reported that mother and son had been flown to Taiwan in order for Fatemah to receive the life-saving heart surgery she needed.

The Email Empathy post of yesterday – “ABF forcibly takes ‘beautiful integrated family’ in dawn raid over visa expired by one day” –  told of a Biloela family who were in detention prior to being sent back to Sri Lanka despite the danger that would await the couple and their young Australian children. Today, we learnt of a last-minute legal intervention that resulted in Border Force officials removing the family from a plane just minutes before take-off from Perth to Sri Lanka. The plane made the journey without them but with a number of other Tamil people who were ‘removed’ from Australia by the Department of Home Affairs.

Aspects of these events are positive, for now. But both of these updates have done nothing to assure Australians that their government is motivated by humanitarian, legal or economic reasons. i.e.



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