A 10 year old boy has repeatedly tried to kill himself because of Australia’s immigration policies. Who cares?? Not the Australian government.

When a child on Nauru is suicidal for almost 2 years, could perpetuating the myth of “saving lives at sea” REALLY be the priority of Australia’s Department of Home Affairs??

This young boy has no HOME. And his AFFAIRS can be outlined as follows:

  • he is a recognised refugee having fled with his family from Iran in 2013 and arrived in Australia by boat four days after the then prime minister, Kevin Rudd, decreed that no asylum seekers arriving by boat would ever be settled in Australia
  • his father had an accident on Nauru which resulted in a serious brain injury necessitating a move to Australia for medical treatment and following that, ongoing immigration detention in Brisbane, away from his family
  • in late 2013, the child – known in court papers as AYX18 – began experiencing night terrors and had an episode of suicidal ideation that last for two weeks
  • he has a physical health problem so severe that it requires surgery but his mother is concerned about such a procedure being undertaken on Nauru when the Australian government’s own health contractor (IHMS) has stated that the Nauru hospital is unsafe for surgery and that patients have died there during routine operations
  • when the boy was recommended for transfer to tertiary-level psychiatric care, the Australian government took 5 months to consider the clinical recommendation and then rejected it
  • in this desperate situation, lawyers applied for an injunction to allow the child to be  moved to lifesaving treatment … which the Australian government fought in the courts, even requesting a delay to proceedings
  • the judge disagreed and ordered that the boy be immediately moved heath services in Australia, saying “A delay … cannot be justified, there is a significant risk the boy would not be alive by that hearing, and I am not prepared to run that risk.”

How many times will the Australian government put policies that both sides of politics say must remain in place to ‘save lives’ ahead of actually saving a life?

How long can Australian citizens silent on this issue tolerate the stories of their government’s blatant cruelty towards innocent men, women and children?


ANYONE can contact THE MINISTER FOR HOME AFFAIRS to provide their input on Australia’s treatment of refugees …
Email Peter Dutton by clicking here or
phone his office on 02 6277 7860

ANYONE can contact THE AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER to air concerns or opinions on Australia’s deterrent policies towards people seeing asylum …
Email Malcolm Turnbull by clicking here or
phone his office on 02 6277 7700

ANYONE can contact THE OPPOSITION LEADER to indicate if they feel that his party should adopt alternate policies i.e. ones meet the requirements of the UN Convention on Refugees
Email Bill Shorten by clicking here or
phone his office on 02 6277 4022

PLEASE share this post as widely as you can in the hope that those who have yet to take action will finally see that torturing a 10 year old who escaped persecution is NOT KEEPING ANYONE SAFE.

The Guardian’s report today had provided all the facts on this situation and additional detail which is available hereHowever, please be WARNED that some of the information could be TRIGGERING to those vulnerable in regard to MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES and SUICIDAL BEHAVIOUR.


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