FINALLY … Labor CONSIDERING CHANGING Position on Offshore Processing!


For far too long, the major parties in Australia have adhered to the cruel and ineffective policy of sending people who arrive by boat seeking asylum to detention offshore. So there has been not even a glimmer of hope of Australia having a federal government that will reverse the appalling decision to treat desperate and vulnerable people with even more cruelty when life – and their own country of origin – have already caused so much damage.
But yesterday…

Labor Leader Bill Shorten confirmed the party may shift its position on offshore processing at its national conference in July.


The Opposition Leader has said:
We don’t believe that mandatory detention has to be the necessary result of stopping the boats.” However, Mr Shorten is indicating no alteration to the policy of turning back people-smuggling vessels at sea. “We recognise the boat turn-back policy has been effective, and I have no interest in changing that policy,” he said. (As regards the ‘effectiveness‘ of turn-backs, it’s worth reading this expert assessment by the Director of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law and Monash University Professor Sarah Joseph who outlines the real outcomes of the ‘stop the boats’ campaign and the perilous implications of turning back unsafe vessels.)

HOWEVER, a major party changing its policy on offshore processing is a start. And change must start somewhere.

To ensure the Labor party follows through at its July party conference, please contact Labor party members to remind them of why this change is essential.


Share what you feel are the reasons and implications that will resonate with those who could begin to turn the tide. (For assistance, you can go to our READ page on ‘Offshore Detention.)
And encourage those you’re connected with to do so as well by sharing this post widely.
Few opportunities come along that give us hope. We need to ensure that this moves from possibility to certainty.

You can contact contact the members of Labor’s SHADOW MINISTRY by clicking on the names below to send an email or using the listed phone number to contact their Parliament House office.

Bill Shorten  (02) 6277 4022
Tanya Plibersek  (02) 6277 4404
Penny Wong  (02) 6277 3874
Don Farrell   02) 6277 3053
Chris Bowen  (02) 6277 4822
Tony Burke  (02) 6277 4410
Mark Butler  (02) 6277 4089
Jenny Macklin  (02) 6277 4305
Richard Marles  (02) 6277 4330
Amanda Rishworth  (02) 6277 2293
Anthony Albanese  (02) 6277 4664
Jim Chalmers  (02) 6277 4880
Brendan O’Connor  (02) 6277 4105
Mark Dreyfus  (02) 6277 4205
Shayne Neumann  (02) 6277 4755
Kim Carr  (02) 6277 3776
Michelle Rowland  (02) 6277 4833
Joel Fitzgibbon  (02) 6277 4550
Jason Clare  (02) 6277 4904
Catherine King  (02) 6277 4407
Julie Collins  (02) 6277 4107

To send ONE email to ALL MEMBERS OF THE SHADOW MINISTRY, click here.
To send ONE email to ALL LABOR MPs, click here.
To send ONE email to ALL LABOR SENATORS, click here.
(However, please remember that bulk emails can be less likely to be given attention AND that some email servers do not allow more than a certain number of recipients.)

The full list of MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES can be found here so just find any member with ALP against their name and get in touch to urge them to do the right thing at their national conference.

The full list of SENATORS can be found here so just find any senator with ALP against their name and get in touch to urge them to do the right thing at their national conference.

4 Replies to “FINALLY … Labor CONSIDERING CHANGING Position on Offshore Processing!”

    1. We can only hope that there’s significant change ASAP. But right now, the ALP have a long way to go before they get close to NZ on most issues of social justice. Let’s hope there’s an Australian government going that long way very soon.

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