Care Packages for Nauru – a practical way to help

“Like many Australians, we’re appalled by the Australian Government’s treatment of these innocent people. But while our MPs have turned their backs on them, we haven’t.”

There’s a “small group of Aussies” stepping up while the government steps back and down further every day.  WE CARE NAURU have undertaken to do the following:

(1) We chat directly with people on Nauru, to find out what they need;
(2) We appeal for cash donations for purchasing and postage;
(3) We also collect “stuff donations”, like soccer balls, mobile phones and backpacks;
(4) We buy, pack and post everything according to customs and Australia Post guidelines;
(5) We start back at step (1).

Their current project aims to support six pregnant women, as well as new mums and their babies because, on Nauru, almost nothing is provided for them, including medical supplies. WE CARE NAURU is sending each new mother a ‘new baby pack’ with essential items like a first aid kit which could save a child’s life and prevent serious illness. And they’re raising funds to achieve this.

So if you want to contribute, you can click here and donate whatever amount you’re able.
You can also keep in touch with their other activities by following WE CARE NAURU on Facebook  and/or on Twitter.

Real Aussies do real things to help real people.
It’s tragic that the federal government is so resolutely UNAUSTRALIAN.

2 Replies to “Care Packages for Nauru – a practical way to help”

  1. While appreciating that many people want to dod something like this, it’s appalling that we should have to. Everything done by us enables the government to ignore its responsibilities. But I can’t stand by and do nothing

    1. You’re not alone in feeling exactly that way, Pat. When you think of how much the government is paying to contractors like Canstruct to manage the Nauru facilities i.e. $8 MILLION for 6 months, those Australian taxpayer $ should be providing those detained with the proper healthcare and support they need. If only all Australians would acknowledge that these policies are ripping THEM off, then those who have no compassion for others might take a stance. But until things change, at least those Aussies driven by humanity and fairness are doing what they can to help.

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