Abuse and Neglect Offshore – Senate Recommendations IGNORED


12 September 2016: Australian Senate referred the matters of ABUSE, SELF-HARM and NEGLECT OF PEOPLE SEEKING ASYLUM HELD ON NAURU AND MANUS ISLAND to Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report.
21 April 2017Report with findings and recommendations provided to Australian government

The Senate Committee found “an unsafe living environment—especially for childrena “disturbing” lack of accountability and transparency from the Australian government including a failure to clearly acknowledge duty of careand more.

The Senate Committee recommended:

  •  an urgent review of medical transfer procedures 
  • improvements to medical treatment – particularly mental health services
  • recognition of the impacts of long-term immigration detention with an independent assessment of effects on physical and mental health
  • an external audit and investigation into all incident reports (and their inconsistencies i.e. downgrading, consistency of follow-up)
  • an independent children’s advocate to represent the rights of children being held on Nauru
  • the capacity for any asylum seeker or refugee transferred to Australia to apply US refugee resettlement WITHOUT returning to Nauru/PNG
  • serious consideration of all resettlement offers e.g from New Zealand
  • support for family members to resettle together
  • increased Australian funding to the UNHCR
  • an increase in Australia’s annual refugee intake   and

First and foremost, the Australian Government must acknowledge that it controls Australia’s RPCs. … The Australian Government clearly has a duty of care in relation to the asylum seekers who have been transferred to Nauru or Papua New Guinea. To suggest otherwise is fiction.”

Since those recommendations, the evidence indicates that policy and operations have only become harsher and that the Australian government continues to deny responsibility. e.g.


APRIL 2018: ‘It’s torturing us’: refugee family split between Sydney and Nauru desperate to reunite

MARCH 2018: Court orders boy, 10, at risk of suicide on Nauru be treated in Australia despite Home Affairs Department opposing move

FEB 2018: UNCHR assesses Manus conditions as worse than ever

JAN 2018: Refugee in ‘medical emergency’ stranded on Nauru for more than a year

DEC 2017:  Government policy encourages refugees held on Nauru to sever ties with their families – including relinquishing all rights to ever see their children – in order to be considered for resettlement in the US


1) Contact the members of the Senate Committee whose work was ignored and ask them of their plans to remind the government of its obligations:

CLICK HERE TO SEND AN EMAIL TO EVERY SENATOR ON THE COMMITTEE   A sample of what you might write is here

or contact them individually using the links below
Louise Pratt (ALP, WA) (Chair)
Ian Macdonald (LNP, QLD) (Deputy Chair)
Patrick Dodson (ALP, WA)
Linda Reynolds (LP, WA) until 15.02.2017 then replaced by
David Fawcett (LP, SA)
Nick McKim (AG, TAS)
Murray Watt (ALP, QLD)
Derryn Hinch (DHJP, VIC) (Participating member)

2) Contact the Members and Senators of the ‘Opposition’ to ask them of their plans to demand the government fulfil its obligations. A sample of what might write it here

Click here to send an email to all Labor MPs
Click here to send an email to all Labor Senators

3) Please share this post with as many people as possible to encourage others to take actions 1) and 2).

The Australian government cannot continue to ignore the democratic process to cover the horrific human rights violations that continue to be inflicted on people held by the Australian government for the “crime” of seeking safety.

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