DO publicly vilify a man your policies have driven to suicide; DON’T inform his family of his death

A man fled genocide.
So he was imprisoned.
His medical condition tortured him for years  in detention.
But his health was ignored as ruthlessly as his human rights.
So, tragically, he ended his living hell.

Two days ago, this website posted about the following exchange in Australia’s parliament

Which was then updated to add …

Police on Manus Island have referred to the death as a “very unfortunate” apparent suicide.

What has happened since is yet another indictment on Australia’s Department of Home Affairs.
The tweets below tell the story…

CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION DEMANDING A SENATE INQUIRY into the government’s failure to comply with independent medical advice on Manus and Nauru.

You can read Ten Senior Reporter Josh Butler’s summary of the week here and

You can read Behrouz Boochani’s Guardian article “Salim fled genocide to find safety. He lost his life in the most tragic way” here

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