Labor on Refugees? Slim hope for humanity after all

Our post “FINALLY … Labor CONSIDERING CHANGING Position on Offshore Processing!” came from news that there was to be debate at the July Labor Party annual conference over the retention of restrict offshore processing policy. But the prospect of that possibly leading to at least one of the major parties beginning to develop humane, logical and internationally responsible policies in relation to people seeking asylum seems to have been dashed.

Not only has the national conference been cancelled due to the need for multiple by-elections the same weekend (‘ALP scraps national conference over by-elections clash’ – The Australianbut the recent state conference in Victoria has demonstrated a strong resistance within the right of the party to even allow debate on the issue …

Bill Shorten says Labor would ‘stop the boats’ as policy debate shut down at state conference (ABC)

Thankfully, a few Labor MPs have expressed concern about the debate shut-down at the Victorian conference but is that enough?

For many compassionate Australians, one of the issues of great importance – and significant shame – is  the torturous treatment that continues to take the lives of innocent people because of the approaches of the major parties. The cruelty is espoused as a successful lifesaving deterrent but the facts indicate that is far from the reality.

So those who put the suffering of persecuted human beings ahead of political game-playing must strengthen their resolve to push for change and encourage others to do the same.

It is only the power of the vote, manipulated by fear mongering, that has made these policies a reality in the first place. So the more Australians who indicate that their vote will be negatively influenced by the continuation of these policies, the more people power will become the force for change that it has been historically demonstrated to be.


Please assert the value of YOUR vote and contact  Labor’s SHADOW MINISTRY (below) to stress the desperate need for OPPOSITION to an approach that damages innocent human lives and the psyche of the Australian community.…
(Click on the name to send an email or use the listed phone number to contact their Parliament House office.)

Bill Shorten  (02) 6277 4022
Tanya Plibersek  (02) 6277 4404
Penny Wong  (02) 6277 3874
Don Farrell   02) 6277 3053
Chris Bowen  (02) 6277 4822
Tony Burke  (02) 6277 4410
Mark Butler  (02) 6277 4089
Jenny Macklin  (02) 6277 4305
Richard Marles  (02) 6277 4330
Amanda Rishworth  (02) 6277 2293
Anthony Albanese  (02) 6277 4664
Jim Chalmers  (02) 6277 4880
Brendan O’Connor  (02) 6277 4105
Mark Dreyfus  (02) 6277 4205
Shayne Neumann  (02) 6277 4755
Kim Carr  (02) 6277 3776
Michelle Rowland  (02) 6277 4833
Joel Fitzgibbon  (02) 6277 4550
Jason Clare  (02) 6277 4904
Catherine King  (02) 6277 4407
Julie Collins  (02) 6277 4107

or to send ONE email to ALL MEMBERS OF THE SHADOW MINISTRY, click here.

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