What YOU can do …

You can Email Empathy. You can contact MPs and Senators regarding specific incidents and tragedies. (Just accessing our pages and posts will facilitate that). But there are ALWAYS more things that can be done online, at home or even in your workplace or school. You can …

1. Connect with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) where you can
2. Use social media to highlight that CHILDREN ARE STILL IN DETENTION

There are more than 100 children still imprisoned on Nauru right now. Up to 30 children are suffering life-threatening illness and need to be removed immediately. Some of the 100 have only known life as detention inside barbed wire and mouldy tents. And yet the Minister for immigration claims that “I’ve got every child out of detention” (ABC News on Twitter, 23 November 2017).  So, click on the image below to share it widely so that Australians can see the truth …

3. Join a group whose members might share your current life challenges and generational level of understanding

Grandmothers against Detention of Refugee Children
Youth Action Project

4. Host a dinner for new arrivals through The Welcome Dinner Project

… where sharing stories through personal encounters can lead to ongoing transformations, both personal and communal.

Just beyond your usual environment, you can …

(if you’re in Brisbane), join the Dickson Action Group – a community determined to unseat their MP, Peter Dutton – the Minister for Home Affairs ( who has responsibility for national security including ASIO, law enforcement including the AFP, emergency management, border control including the ABF, immigration, refugees, citizenship, and multicultural affairs. Peter Dutton.

At the last election, the sitting member’s safe margin was cut down from 6.7% to just 1.6%. So now Peter Dutton has put together a $650,000 war chest to hang on to his seat and the Dickson Action Group are working to build an unstoppable people-powered election campaign. But they need a lot of help with fundraising, door-knocking to spread information through the electorate and more. Check out their webpage here and see if there’s something you can be part of.

Attend peaceful protests to join like-minded people reminding the government of the existence of compassionate Australians. So if that’s something you can take the time to do, some of the organising groups across Australia are:

Refugee Action Coalition Sydney
Refugee Action Committee, Canberra
Refugee Action Collective – Queensland
Refugee Action Collective – Victoria


Volunteer locally through organisations like:


Brisbane Refugee & Asylum Seeker Support Network (BRASS)


The Welcome Centre


The Refugee Council of Australia


First Home Project
Centre for Asylum Seekers, Refugees & Detainees (CARAD)

Hobart, Launceston or Devonport

Southern Tasmanian Migrant Resource Centre (03) 6221 0999
Migrant Resource Centre, Launceston (03) 6332 2211
Migrant Resource Centre, Devonport (03) 6423 5598


Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services of the ACT (MARSS)



So, if you or someone you know is looking for a way to support the people that need it in a way that fits into your/their life, there are always ways to make an impact. The above are just a few. A quick online search or contact with the ASRC will find something in your local area that you can be part of. And doing something so valuable is always an enriching experience.

If you can, please share this on social media and maybe some more of the compassionate Australians we know are spread across the nation might find a way to do something that adds to their life. And perhaps saves the life of someone else.


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