World Refugee Day … there’s always something you can do

Tomorrow – Wed 20 June – is WORLD REFUGEE DAY.
A day for people across the globe to recognise the plight of the billions of human beings who find themselves stateless, homeless, and powerless.  
It is a day to remember that anyone of us could have found ourselves in the same position were fate to have dealt us a different hand.
And so it is a day to do what ever we’re able to support those vulnerable people who not the beneficiaries of our privilege and luck.

Here are just 3 suggestions …

  1. Have a quick scan of the internet and you’ll find vigils, rallies, forums and other gatherings near you where people will be uniting over the next few days to demonstrate their allegiance for their brothers and sisters in difficult circumstances  … join in and show those suffering that they are not alone.
  2. Recently we posted about a range of activities and methods of helping people seeking asylum – go to ‘What you can do …’ to find a range of options, some of which might suit you or someone you know.
  3. AND …  one big event that you can’t look past is the

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s (ASRC) 2018 Telethon

… an extravaganza where helping the world’s most vulnerable people is at the core of
an amazing online auction (where you can win things like a yum cha meal with author Benjamin Law; signed AFL guernseys and all sorts of memorabilia from Australia’s great musicians, authors and artists; wine; a bicycle, writing clinics; tickets to events … and more!)
– a range of celebrity telephonists (including Gillian Triggs, Father Bob and Aussie cricketer Fawad Ahmed) to take your donation calls and
– the occasion for your own fundraising morning teas, movie nights or get-togethers
all focused on showing our support for those who really need it.

In 2017, the telethon raised $660,000 which enabled the ASRC to provide shelter, food and sanctuary to nearly 5,000 people …more than ever before.

You will always gain something when you give and tomorrow is the day for everyone across the world to reap the rewards of compassion.

Have a great day with friends and family, spread the love and raise some valuable funds for those for whom a little goes a very long way.


Thanks to you all!

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