Australia’s forced removal of refugees breaks laws, families and the national culture

Today, the Guardian reports on an story that is tragic for those involved and shameful for Australia. But the situation is not an isolated one. This family’s pain is replicated across many people seeking asylum in Australia who are treated similarly – with those in charge of immigration giving no thought for the impact of separation of families on all the vulnerable members of that group and with no concern about the international  obligation to non-refoulement (returning persecuted people to the origin of that persecution) which the UN states “constitutes the cornerstone of international refugee protection”.
No regard for human beings AND no regard for the law.
This is Australia now.
Under the governance of either of the major political parties.

Thileepan Gnaneswaran was forcibly removed from Australia in the middle of the night on Monday after his protection claim was rejected after six years in the country. He was put on a charter jet hired by the Australian government along with 18 other Sri Lankan nationals. This was done despite the fact that Gnaneswaran’s father and brother were killed during Sri Lanka’s brutal 26-year civil war and he had informed Australian authorities that he had been kidnapped, interrogated and tortured by Sri Lankan security forces during this period. His wife Karthika’s visa does not allow for family reunion, so she cannot sponsor her husband to return to Australia. And because of her “well-founded fear of persecution” – in this case, recognised by the Australian government – she cannot return to Sri Lanka. So Thileepan Gnaneswaran now faces being permanently separated from his wife and his 10-month-old Australian-born daughter. Then…

On the plane’s arrival in Sri Lanka, Gnaneswaran was arrested and interrogated by Sri Lanka police’s criminal investigation department. He is expected to face court within the week.

All this inflicted on people who had already enduring persecution. When the Australian government knew the facts. They knew he was returning to persecution. And they were warned by the United Nations Human Rights Commission not to forcibly remove Thileepan Gnaneswaran (click here to read official correspondence for the UN).

This is factual.
Not a fable or metaphor. Not fake news. Not SJW propaganda.
It is Reality.

AND this continues to happen.

Australia continues to flout international law:

Australia continues to defy all principles of ethics, humanity and global AND national responsibility:

  • destroying the lives of innocent people with no justification
  • inflicting cruelty for no purpose and at great expense to the Australia taxpayer
  • failing a government’s responsibility to the Australian population with the propagation of lies and slurs to demean people with non-white, non Anglo-Saxon racial and cultural backgrounds
  • degrading the Australian culture which has been enriched by immigration and decimating the inclusive “fair go” psyche where our great ‘melting pot’ of origins was a source of national pride and the foundation of a strong, diverse nation.





Malcolm Turnbull
 (contact-your-pm;  02 6277 7700) and/or
Peter Dutton ( 6277 7860) and/or
CLICK HERE to find your MP’s contact details
and have YOUR SAY in what the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT should be doing in relation to the laws and ethics they are bound to follow
… but currently determined to dismantle

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