Children dying on Nauru, men dead on Manus … but keep 1,600 in offshore hellholes

Forgive me for not congratulating you all for being less racist than a Nazi while children are being tortured.”

Senator Nick McKim could easily find the tragic irony in yesterday’s bipartisan disapproval in parliament of Fraser Anning’s “final solution” maiden speech. The Greens Senator spoke yesterday in parliament about the reality of indefinite offshore detention on children. Multiple children held on Nauru are suffering a rare form of illness called “Resignation Syndrome” – an extreme protective reaction to trauma. As McKim described children in a catatonic state – “they’re not eating, not drinking, they’re not even going to the toilet …” – all because of the bipartisan support for offshore detention, most of his fellow senators seemed to have better things to do …

But today, when it came time to vote in the lower house to retrospectively amend legislation to ensure the ongoing detention of up to 1,600 asylum seekers, the members of the major parties were able to turn up in enough numbers to authorise an unlawful declaration of Ashmore Reef as a “port” so that Australia can continue to refuse protection to any asylum seekers who arrive there

So in 24 hours, Peter Dutton went from:
All of us unite together to fight against the scourge of racism … Regardless of their path of their means to our country, people have made a wonderful contribution.
The government will not hesitate to legislate to protect the integrity of Australia’s migration framework.

So, what of yesterday’s bipartisan pride in our multicultural society?
What of embracing new Australians from whatever ‘path’ or ‘means’ of arrival?

On Monday, our Senators will have the chance to put words into actions.
To ensure that remakes of revulsion at the newest Katter party member’s divisive speech weren’t just platitudes.

You can access Senator McKim’s notice to the Senate of the motion to set up this urgent inquiry by clicking on the Twitter image above.

It is more than a year since a Senate Inquiry’s findings of Abuse and Neglect Offshore – and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE to change the policies and conditions that continue to inflict such pain and damage on innocent people

So I urge ‘all of us to unite together’ to compel our Senators to take positive action when they are given the opportunity on Monday:
CLICK HERE to access an up-to-date list of all Australian Senators and their contact details and then EMAIL or PHONE them so that they’ll turn up and stand on the side of the chamber to support innocent and dying people.




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