Australia must evacuate 119 children from Nauru Detention ASAP

This little boy was born on the island of Nauru, inside the bars and fences of Australia’s refugee detention centre.
The only life he has known is guards shouting, steel fences, and unending imprisonment. In a place where he’s called by a number, not even his name.

Gabby Sutherland, a former teacher who worked on Nauru in 2014 and 2015 in joining a national movement to urge the Australia government to make their ongoing lie that they have got ‘every child out of detention‘ the truth. Because after 5 years of offshore detention, there are still 119 children held within the centre on Nauru.

“Journalists can’t reach them, and staff on Nauru sign agreements not to talk – but I taught these children, and I have watched the life slowly drain from their eyes. In 2014, Australian paediatricians said this detention constituted child abuse. The conditions have only worsened since.” 

Please join with Gabby and others around Australia and the world in calling on the Australian government to take this first humane step –

 To evacuate the 119 children and their families detained on Nauru to Australia before Universal Children’s Day on 20 November 2018.

Click right here or on the link immediately above to sign the petition. And please spread the word in whatever way you’re able.

Don’t let them forget what’s important.
It’s not actually #libspill or any ‘inside politics’ game playing.
What’s important are human beings whose lives are being ruined simply because of where they were born.

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