Petty Political Power Struggles while Child sets herself on Fire on Nauru

The priorities of those who decided that indefinite offshore detention was an appropriate policy are sickeningly clear today. While people with the privilege of having jobs where they can affect positive change in the world waste time trading Ministry promises for “being on my team”, THIS is actually happening, (thanks to those very same people) …

(Click on image to read Guardian report.)

If there was ever any doubt about what the politicians in the current major parties consider important, even the strongest supporters of any of those parties can surely not look past this disgustingly stark contradiction. 

Here’s what SOME Australians – and millions across the world – consider important:

  •  a 12-year-old girl has been taken to Nauru hospital after reportedly attempting to set herself on fire. The incident was witnessed by several other children. The girl had already made repeated attempts to kill herself in recent weeks and last week a psychiatrist on the island recommended she be moved to Australia.
  • several adults have set themselves on fire on Nauru, one fatally, and a number of children have attempted to kill themselves by that method.
  • a 17-year-old girl is being treated inside the regional processing centre after refusing all food, fluid and medical treatment. Doctors have diagnosed her with major depressive disorder and ‘resignation syndrome’, and recommended admission to an inpatient unit. She is one of the brightest and most articulate of the young people held on Nauru who once dreamt of becoming a doctor in Australia because she wanted to help others.
  • other children have been diagnosed with the rare but serious child psychiatric disorder pervasive refusal syndrome or resignation syndrome, which has been documented at high rates among asylum seeker children. Children suffering resignation syndrome effectively withdraw from life – refusing to eat, drink, toilet, leave their beds, speak, or even open their eyes. They are sometimes completely unresponsive to stimuli.
  • a 12-year-old refugee boy who had previously been refusing to eat for 20 days, was flown critically unwell to Brisbane on Tuesday afternoon weighing 36kg and unable to stand. This followed a protracted period during which the Australian Border Force refused to transfer the 12-year-old if his family accompanied him. After doctors repeatedly demanded he be moved to care, and refused to forcibly feed him on ethical grounds, he was finally transferred with his family. However although his stepfather is with him at the Lady Cilento Hospital, it seems that his mother and sister are being held not in the community, but in immigration detention in Brisbane.
  • there is a genuine concern on Nauru about the possibility of a growing “contagion” of children committing self-harm, attempting suicide or refusing all food and fluid.

Here’s what Australia’s current government thinks is important:


If YOU have different priorities to those currently being demonstrated by the Australian government, you should tell your federal MP immediately …

Click here for the full contact list of Australian MPs

and let them know where their priorities SHOULD lie.

And if you haven’t already signed the #KidsOffNauru  petition, you can do so here:

Refugee Council of Australia petition – Kids Off Nauru
GetUp Petition – Demand Politicians get #KidsOffNauru
ASRC Petition to evacuate Kids Off Nauru in 100 days

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