WHY Dutton Must Go

There’s certainly plenty in the news about immigration at the moment. But, despite the hopes of many that the current Minister for Home Affairs will be removed from his position of influence, there is something jarring about the possibility that it could come down to an accusation from his former Border Force Commissioner about misleading parliament on the issue of visas for au pairs

when Peter Dutton is responsible for the loss and devastation of so many lives due to his handling of the indefinite detention of people seeking asylum.

People have died in Australia, on Manus Island, on Nauruon Christmas Island and in other places specifically because they knew they would not find sanctuary in Australia.

Click here to find out more about the people who have died while in Australia’s ‘care’

There is also something disturbing about the Minister choosing to respond to the claims from Roman Quaedvlieg by questioning his former lieutenant’s mental health

when Peter Dutton is responsible for the extreme ill-health of so many children, adolescents and adults living in unbearable circumstances offshore.

Multiple suicidal children suffering resignation syndrome; people of all ages traumatised by persecution in their ‘home’ countries now denied lifesaving healthcare; gay, transgender and bisexual detainees raped and persecuted with no possible escape; people forced to live in tents chronically infested with toxic mould …– and all because they simply wanted to live peaceful lives.

Click here to see some of the 119 children currently detained on Nauru

AND, when people speak out about the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, they too must deal with punishment from the Australian government.

Tragically, these are JUST A FEW EXAMPLES of the suffering caused by the decision-making of Peter Dutton and the former Minister for Immigration, now Prime Minister, Scott Morrison about which you can read more by clicking on the links above (any underlined text).

But more importantly, you can find out about the six long years of human destruction on Nauru in this report just released by the Refugee Council of Australia and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC):


And if you believe that things need to change for refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia, there are many things that you can do (click on the link left for some suggestions).
And if you’re Australian and you feel that Minister Dutton – AND Prime Minister Morrison – don’t represent your values, you can tell the people that represent you in government by contacting:
Your Member of Parliament  by clicking here
Your State’s Senators by clicking here


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