Does Scott Morrison know what he has REALLY done?

Australia’s Prime Minister is so proud of his role in preventing* persecuted people reaching Australian soil with the hopes of living peaceful lives that a trophy that represents the boats he has ‘stopped‘ sits proudly in his office.

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But as the Guardian points out:

and importantly:

a dozen refugees and asylum seekers have died in offshore detention and many more are ill, injured or permanently traumatised because of being held indefinitely in sub-standard conditions. There are:

multiple suicidal children suffering resignation syndrome; people of all ages denied lifesaving healthcare; gay, transgender and bisexual detainees have been detainees raped and persecuted with no possible escape; people forced to live in tents chronically infested with toxic mould …


In the New York Times, it was noted that Scott Morrison’s office also displays:

“a cabinet adorned with a Jesus shrine and a biblical proverb to “Trust in the Lord.” Morrison, who did not condemn Trump’s infamous travel ban, is never able to convincingly explain how he reconciles his Christian values and the role he plays in dooming children to offshore detention centers.”

Australia’s current Prime Minister needs to be encouraged to see that the policies that were instigated when he was Immigration Minister under PM Tony Abbott are not represented by this …

BUT by this …

Click on this picture to read about the 7-year-old child being held on Nauru whose suffering has led him to represent his life this way

and this …

Click here to read more on “The People of Manus Island”

and by these (and many more)  human beings …

Click on this image to go to our “Personal Stories” page or read many of our posts on the ‘New!’ page for information on real people suffering because of Australia’s policies


So please go to our WRITE page
and you can use our SEND suggestions
so that
 your EMPATHY EMAIL to Scott Morrison (at or via the Contact the PM form)
can make it clear what he has – and continues to – stop …
the safe and free lives of innocent people

++ It’s worth noting that as this post was being prepared Scott Morrison rejected an official plea from the Australian Medical Association (AMA) to bring children from Nauru to Australia saying he will not “put at risk any element of Australia’s border protection policy”.

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