Donate to help provide a dignified funeral for young man who died on Nauru

A much-loved and respected 26-year-old* – who himself pleaded for help, as did his family – became a fatal victim of offshore detention on Nauru on the 15th of June this year. In death, he has been treated as he was in life by those who ruled his incarceration. (The Australian government refused to reunite his body with his family. So the refugee movement found the money to bring his body to Australia.)

There is little that most of us can do in so many of these situations but, because the family have had to borrow money for a funeral, those of us who strive to support the people so tragically affected by Australia’s cruel policies can do something in this case.

The Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney (supported by the Refugee Action Collective Queensland) is endeavouring to raise the funds to repay this loan on the family’s behalf. It will take 2 minutes for you to contribute whatever amount you can afford to enable them to reach the $9000 target …

Simply go to this link to make a contribution

The family are eternally grateful for the support they have received thus far and will be overwhelmed if public donations can assist them in paying back the cost of this treasured loved one’s funeral. However they have asked for respect for their privacy during this time of grieving.

Please donate if you’re able and/or share this post on social media so that others may have the opportunity to show their support in whatever way they can.

Thank you.

*Name cannot be published due to court proceedings.


The following links to previous Email Empathy posts may provide some background for circumstances such as these.

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