LAST CHANCE for Biloela Family

The people of Biloela have fought long and hard for the family of four who was taken away from them so suddenly. And yet the importance of that family remaining in the place that is their home has been overlooked and they are about to be deported to Sri Lanka.

But there is one last chance for Australians who prioritise logic and compassion to take a stand.

You can join the Biloela community in speaking out about what our government should be doing …

Click here to go to the Facebook page where this weekend’s final public rallies to support Priya, Nades and their two Australian daughters are listed.



If you have followed this story, you will know that the family have been through all the legal proceedings at their disposal to stress their need to stay in Australia. However without immediate intervention from Immigration Minister David Coleman (click on his name to access his contact details so you can contact him directly), they will be sent to Sri Lanka anytime after the 1st of February.

Whether you are someone whose approach to people seeking to stay in Australia is one of “boundless plains to share” OR concern over either security or the ramifications of an influx of people immigrating to the country, you are likely to see yourself as someone who thinks clearly and logically and who’s prepared to help others out when they need it. That describes so many Australians. So it would seem that everyone should support this family in returning to their Biloelan community. Because the facts are simply these:

they are valuable members of Australian society already, working hard and being so much a part of a community that the members of that community have spend the last year fighting to get them back

they pose no threat or danger to anyone

half the family are Australian having spent all their lives here

Australia is not and NEVER HAS BEEN in danger of being ‘swamped’ by people who arrive by boat to seek asylum so allowing this family to stay will not reopen any metaphorical floodgates (before this policy existed, the number of boat arrivals was always very small compared to those in other parts of the world)

Australia is not ‘saving lives‘ with this policy so overruling or abolishing it would not endanger more people. Those people who need help will be in danger whether this policy exists or not and it has been found that those who opt to not travel to Australia by boat are often forced to choose more perilous routes where their risk of death is higher. Those who do travel this way are left in limbo on small islands where the circumstances are so desperate that mental and physical health issues continue to ruin what was left of their lives after the trauma of escaping persecution in other countries.

– Granting visas to this family will not incite a surge of people who will cause problems to come to Australia as boat arrivals always undergo security and health checks as a priority when they arrive. This is more rigorous than the significantly larger number of “tourists” who arrive and outstay their holiday visas (as well as working as labourers, casual staff … or au pairs). In fact, it  been proven that humanitarian immigrations are the most entrepreneurial of all those the people who come to live in Australia – creating jobs for others as well as contributing to local communities and enriching our nation’s culture.

And finally, there’s the one thing that would seem to be ‘the bottom line’ despite our Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton stating otherwise;


If this Tamil family will be in danger if they are sent to live in Sri Lanka, then it is the legal and moral obligation of other Australians to prevent that from happening. That is universally the basic tenet of refugee status. And the Tamil Council of Australia states clearly that people of this ethnic minority “face state-based discrimination and persecution” in Sri Lanka.
However, despite that, the current Australian government says that Nades and Priya came to the country “illegally” (when it is not illegal to arrive by any means necessary when fleeing oppression), a decision upheld by the Federal Court in June that discards that legal obligation that people who arrive seeking safety should not be returned to a country where they face serious threats to their life or freedom. This ruling is legitimised under a political policy that has decreed that anyone arriving in Australia on a unscheduled boat will be returned to the place from which they have fled. Those who put this policy in place – Australian politicians – have a range of interests and priorities that go beyond the welfare of human beings. And it is directly in contrast to the United Nations Protocol on Refugees – a binding, non-political global agreement to which Australia is a signatory.

SO … it’s logical. It’s fair. It’s compassionate. It’s RIGHT.

If you want to show the government that you’re a true Aussie who believes in what’s right and you expect them to be the same, please show your support for this family and the community of Biloela this weekend.



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