As many of us feel relief at the passing of the medical evacuation bill (and others don’t), it may be controversial to introduce a different perspective.
Even so, there might just be some other aspects of the issue worth thinking about:

Why did Australian politicians spend so much time debating multiple aspects of the issue of evacuating seriously ill people from an island lacking the appropriate healthcare on which Australia had orchestrated their indefinite detention for the ‘crime’ of fleeing danger?
Why have there been years with periods of deafening silence and then constant bickering over that tiny fraction of potential immigrants to Australia to whom Australia has a legal and moral obligation and enough resources to help?
Why are issues like border security, safety of Australian citizens and threat to jobs conflated with this small group of needy human beings who undergo the most rigourous health and security checks on arrival of anyone arriving in Australia and who are the most entrepreneurial of all migrants?

There are many more questions that could be worth considering.

But before you even begin to ponder those above, here are two very simple things to consider:


The adults of the world let Omran Daqneesh down.

Adults can stop, help, offer, give …
5 year old Syrian boys are powerless.


The 950,000 Syrian refugees that Lebanon has taken make up about one-sixth of Lebanon’s population. 
Australia is about 744 times larger than Lebanon and
Australia’s GDP per capita is more than 24 times that of Lebanon.




Maybe there are some things worth thinking about on the issue of people seeking asylum in Australia.

And maybe there are some OTHER ways that Australian adults should be spending their time on the issue of people seeking asylum in Australia.



Source material for facts used above at:







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