The “Australian Story” of Behrouz Boochani

Tonight (1 April, 2019) on Australia’s national public broadcaster, the long running documentary series, “Australian Story” will focus on someone who isn’t allowed to ever be Australian and, although he has committed no crime, is regularly vilified by many Australians, including members of the current Australian government.

But Australia has shaped the last five years of his life in a way that would have been inconceivable to anyone in the world a decade ago. 

And a couple of months ago, he won Australia’s richest literary award.


So it seems likely that Behrouz Boochani‘s own “Australian Story” will tell everyone who watches it about Australia and Australians – as well as about what the country and its current immigration policies have done to totally change his life. AND the attitudes of Australians towards people seeking asylum.

The insights into the Iranian-Kurdish journalist, writer and filmmaker who fled persecution only to find himself imprisoned on Manus Island (a territory of Papua New Guinea) because he sought to live a free life in Australia cannot fail to reveal a considerable amount about a world where the word immigrant has, for many, become a slur and the plight of genuine refugees can be met with intolerance rather than compassion and offers of aid.

Australian Story, ‘The Invisible Man’ screened in Australia on the ABC at 8pm (Monday, 1 April) and, having aired, the program is available for viewing on the ABC iview (the broadcaster’s streaming website/app – click on linked text to go directly to the episode) Hopefully there will ultimately be ways for international audiences to watch the program in the future and, if so, information about that will be posted here.



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