All of the organisations below can provide INFORMATION but some provide SUPPORT SERVICES to refugees and asylum seekers and some need/utilise PUBLIC ASSISTANCE (through donations, volunteering etc.) to sustain their activities.

If you want to do more than EMAIL EMPATHY, please check out the sites marked:



If you or someone you know is a refugee or asylum seeker who requires support, the sites marked as follows may be useful:




UNHCR – the United Nations Refugee Agency        YOU CAN HELP

Refugees International        YOU CAN HELP

International Rescue Committee        YOU CAN HELP


The Refugee Council of Australia           SUPPORT SERVICES       YOU CAN HELP

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)         SUPPORT SERVICES       YOU CAN HELP
who have also listed the
National Directory of Asylum Seeker and Refugee Service Providers   SUPPORT SERVICES

Australian Refugee Association          SUPPORT SERVICES       YOU CAN HELP

Amnesty International Australia       YOU CAN HELP

Oxfam Australia      YOU CAN HELP

Refugee Legal / Refugee & Immigration Legal Centre (RILC)      SUPPORT SERVICES       YOU CAN HELP

RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees        SUPPORT SERVICES       YOU CAN HELP

GetUp! hold a number of ongoing campaigns where  YOU CAN HELP  e.g.
Shut Down Manus & Nauru;   Bring them Here;   Let Them Stay;   Safety for All etc. 

Refugee Action Coalition Sydney       YOU CAN HELP

Refugee Action Committee, Canberra        YOU CAN HELP

Refugee Action Collective – Queensland       YOU CAN HELP

Refugee Action Collective – Victoria      YOU CAN HELP

The Romero Centre      SUPPORT SERVICES       YOU CAN HELP*

Volunteering Queensland – offering ways to help and support migrants and refugees        SUPPORT SERVICES       YOU CAN HELP

Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre **     SUPPORT SERVICES       YOU CAN HELP

Asylum Insights – Facts and Analysis

Australian Dept of Immigration and Border Protection’s Statistics on Offshore Asylum Seekers


* Following the sudden withdrawal of Government financial and accommodation support, the Romero Centre is trying to find and finance housing for those left homeless. The Centre’s resources mean that they urgently need donations to do this so if you’re able to contribute any amount, please go to their website and do so.

** Although the Cisarua Centre is in Indonesia, it is supported by the Australian non-profit ‘Cisarua Learning Limited’ and is a vital resource for the 5000 – mainly Hazara – refugees who have used all the resources available to them to reach Indonesia. With the issues surrounding trying to reach Australia by boat, thousands of refugees now wait and hope to successfully surmount the long and opaque United Nations resettlement process. In the meantime, they cannot work in Indonesia, or be resettled there. The school is not officially registered and could be closed at any moment. It currently runs classes for  122 children, teaches basic English to 59 older women and is trialling online classes (supported by the Refugee Council of Australia and volunteer Australian teachers) in the afternoons for 24 adults. Donations and support are ALWAYS needed.


A collaboration between Manus Island detainee (journalist and writer) Behrouz Boochani and Netherlands-based Iranian filmmaker Arash Kamali Sarvestani, filmed on a mobile phone and screen at the London Film Festival in October 2017

Read about the process here where you can also watch a trailer and check in with their Facebook page for new and upcoming screenings

Academy Award winning documentarian Eva Horner’s film on the reality of Australia’s refugee policies

To find out about screenings, watching online or to view the trailer click here
or read a report about the film here