EMAIL SUBJECT TITLES are the decision of the writer.
Some suggestions include:
One Refugee Story
It could so easily be you
Empathy -> Policy
We are all Human Beings     etc.

It is an option for writers to include A PRELIMINARY SENTENCE to lead in to their story e.g.

Dear Prime Minister Turnbull,
With over 65 million displaced people in the world, this is typical of just one moment in just one life


Dear Mr Dutton,
Your ongoing initiatives in relation to refugees seeking asylum could be viewed as the actions of someone who has not considered "what is that were ME / MY family". I hope the following will assist you in developing that necessary insight

Writers can choose how/if to introduce their story but, in order to provide context for your ’empathy snapshot’, it’s strongly recommended that you provide a lead-in. In addition, we’re advocating that, as the purpose is to encourage empathy, writers should aim to model the respect that they would wish to be shown themselves. As far as the words and phrases that are the most effective to use in putting the case for refugees in such a way to alter perceptions, the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre has done a study and come with this helpful fact sheet.


(It is an option to name the protagonist of their story after the partner of the politician rather the politician themselves. However, although utilising their children’s names is likely to make an emotional impact, it’s important to bear in mind that the offspring of politicians have not chosen to be in the public eye and it is therefore inappropriate to use them for political means.)


It’s recommended that writers CONCLUDE THEIR EMAIL WITH A SHORT STATEMENT ON WHAT THEY ARE URGING POLITICIANS TO DO in relation to action and/or policy to appropriately support refugees and asylum seekers e.g.

Offshore detention must end immediately and government services must be mobilised to prioritise the health and displacement ramifications of this harmful policy. 


Our country should WELCOME refugees as we would want to be welcomed. Our disregard and cruelty reflect on our capacity to meet acceptable standards and not theirs. Australia's policies MUST CHANGE NOW.


People who arrive in our country seeking asylum must be met with efficient, expedited and humane processes for security checks and provision of visas that allow people to work and gain education. People who come to us seeking help after persecution deserve our best attention … not our worst detention.


Now please click on the name/s below to EMAIL EMPATHY to as many politicians you feel require it, as often as you feel it needs to be done

If we can inundate their Inboxes, they can’t ignore our expectations.



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Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister (AND/OR email-able via online form

Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection  (this opinion piece provides insight into the Minister’s powers) 

Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs

George Brandis, Attorney General

Scott Morrison, Treasurer and former Immigration Minister

Matt Canavan, Senator

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader

Shayne Newmann, Shadow Minister for Immigration and Border Proection

Penny Wong, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs 

Mark Dreyfus, Shadow Attorney General

Pauline Hanson, Senator and Party Leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Should you wish to contact any other Members of the Australian House of Representatives or utilise means other than email, all contact details are listed here

Should you wish to contact any other Australian Federal Senators, their contact details can be found here and their email addresses most often follow the following format:     e.g.


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Theresa May,  Prime Minister

Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Brandon Lewis, Minister of State (Home Office) (Immigration)

Jeremy Wright, Attorney General


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Donald Trump, President
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